Aspiring Maths Tutoring

Individual & Small Group Maths tutoring.

Our Mission

To provide students with a quality tutoring experience which enhances their mathematical progress at school.

To ensure students have fun as they learn mathmatics within a nurturing, relaxed environment.

To progress all students’ learning by using appropriate concrete resources, engaging activities and interactive games

To enable every student to progress at their own pace, whilst feeling supported knowing that their immediate needs are always met.

At Aspiring Maths Tutoring I offer:

  • An experienced, New Zealand trained, teacher with recent classroom experience, who can work with students of all ages.

  • One-on-one student teaching, we do not use computers as the teaching tool

  • Enrichment materials for students needing extra challenge out of school

  • Support for NCEA students when they need it the most, they can access lessons at anytime of the year

  • Maths/Stats/Calculus for Years 6-13, Sciences for Years 7-13.

  • I support all students including those with specific learning needs through to those needing enrichment and extension.

  • I also work with Homeschool families, students under Regional Health Schools, and Winter Snow Sport Students.


Hey there!

I am a NZ qualified and experienced teacher of Mathematics and Statistics.

I’ve been teaching for over 30 years in various positions throughout New Zealand.

My Masters' thesis was titled "Mathematics as a Secondary Subject: The Girls' View" where I researched girls' experiences of secondary school mathematics.

This research has informed my teaching practice in that I aim to make the teaching and learning of mathematics fun, creative, collaborative, and relevant.

I aspire to break down any barriers to being successful in mathematics.

Tutoring Options

I offer 1 hour or 45 minute sessions for individual students, 1 hour sessions for small groups and sessions via zoom for Year 10+ Students


Individual Tuition - 45 minutes

1 Student - $95

Individual Online Tutoring - 45 minutes

1 Student - $95

(Students Year 10+ only, via zoom)

Individual Tuition - 1 Hour

1 Student - $105

Small Groups

Groups are maximum of 4 with two tutors. Placement is based on school year & maths level.

Please book a meeting or individual session first for assessment of level.

Year 11+ groups must all be doing the same school course.

1 hour Session - $80/per student